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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jan 10: Tatra and other oddities

Happy New Year!

You never know what is hidden in your neighbourhood. I was at a friend's open house on Boxing Day and got talking to one of his neighbours. Turns out this fellow was originally from Czechoslovakia and had a Tatra in his garage. This was quite surprising for me, since we both figured there might be a couple of dozen Tatra in all of North America. Now I know a bit about formally Communist country cars and thought I knew about Tatras  - they were unusual looking rear engined aero cars. True, but first before they went "weird", they were more normal.

This is the beautiful 1934 Tatra cabrio that I was taken to see. Mid '90's Porsche paint with dark red glove soft leather seats. What a little gem! I saw it with the top up, complete with landau bars and I must say, it was very striking. By the way, here is what I used to think all Tatras looked like......

See what I mean about being weird. Hopefully this Summer, I'll get to ride in the little cabrio.

Went to Mexico over the holidays and saw a rather odd vehicle.......

Sure, this is the new Hyundai Accent, nothing unusual about that, but it was labelled a Dodge Attitude  -  now that's unusual, especially since it still retained its Hyundai stylized "H" in the grille, at the back and inside. Turns out that Hyundai isn't sold in Mexico, so Dodge markets some of their products as Dodges  -  but couldn't they at least, put a Dodge logo on them? Odd indeed!

Until next time.......

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