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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jan 24: McLaren Mercedes SLR

The neat thing about working in a leasing company is that I get to see all sorts of very cool cars. My own clients are what I call "normal" folks, but a couple of guys in our company deal with some very high rollers. The McLaren Mercedes SLR was a very rare beast (and at 617 hp it was a beast)  -  I think there were about 12 coupes in Canada. We had 3 of those on our books!

Then Benz came out with a cabrio version that was even rarer and we also have one of them on lease. Now this is where this story gets a little sad. Here is that cabrio, we are storing it over the winter for our client.......

This is a very rare car and yet, someone decided it would look better with green stripes (on a silver car with red interior/roof?). And what about the number on the side and the hood?

Unfortunately it gets worse. This very special car which cost about $600,000 new is in rather rough condition. How about an accident of about $100,000? There are not too many cars that would survive this kind of a hit without being written off, but at a value of several hundred thousand dollars, this baby was repaired. Oh well, such is life.

No matter what the condition, it's still neat to walk by this machine daily and imagine myself behind the wheel. My dream usually ends there, since I'm 6'5" and there is absolutely no way for me to fit in this or most other exotics. Again, oh well, such is life.

Until next time.......


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