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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jan 31: Ambulance Thoughts

We all know to get out of the way when we see this ambulance roll up behind us. These truck based units are pretty much the norm everywhere in the world (plus a few bus ambulances). They make sense  -  lots of head room, very rugged construction, tall and noticeable  -  but they weren't always this way. They used to be quite creative and if based on a Cadillac chassis like this 1963 model, very showy.........

I come from Saint John, New Brunswick, not to put it down, but it was and maybe still is, a "lunch bucket" town  -  lots of industry and blue collar jobs. But our hospital had a very flashy cream and red '59 similar to red pic. When it grew older, they bought a 1963 exactly as the one above  -  same colour, same flash. They weren't cheap and they made a statement (not sure why a hospital had to make a statement).

My uncle was the hospital's head of purchasing, but he never told me why the SJ General Hospital had to spend money on Cadillacs when a lesser and less expensive model would do. How about this Pontiac....... My point is that all the old ambulances were very interesting variations on the cars of the day, whether a Ford, Chrysler, the very popular Cadillac or whatever. The companies that did these life saving conversions could and did turn any vehicle into an ambulance.

As time went by, trucks and vans took over and eventually there were standards that precluded car based units from being put into service. Kind of a shame, since they were fun to look at (car people will know what I mean). If you'd like to see more pics, Google "professional cars". You'll be surprised at what you'll find.

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