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Friday, February 17, 2012

Feb 17: Bentleys - Money to Burn

Win the lotto or just have the proverbial rich uncle die? Wonder how to spend your millions in a meaningful way that will not only enrich you, but also those who see you? I have the ideal solution, take one very expensive car, let's say a Bentley and have it rebuilt into a body style that is unique to only you.

How about a nice Bentley wagon.......

This four wagon from the '80's or '90's would be great for hauling those precious antiques you'll be buying. Or maybe just load it up with all your money, so you'll never have to use one of those pesky ATM's again.

Too big and not quite sporty enough? Ok, then try this on for size........

A Continental GT wagon that would be perfect for a drive in the country. Lots of room for the picnic hamper, the champagne and that really expensive mustard, that you always have to carry around when you drive a car such as this one.

Still haven't seen quite what you want or you're not really a wagon type. Well, this next one is one of six made, but still rather exclusive........

This Rapier was made for the Sultan of Brunei and you know how good his taste is (don't you?). A great looking sedan that is entirely custom made with not one panel coming from a production car. Yeah, I know there are 6 people who already have them, but they are probably not your neighbours.

Money to burn? Great taste? You're right, they don't always go hand in hand as this pic shows in abundance.......

Yes, you are correct, this is that well know thespian Paris Hilton, showing us what "money to burn" and questionable taste can do. She'll never lose this thing on Rodeo Drive. Oh Paris, how could you!

I feel for those poor individuals who suddenly have millions and have no idea how to spend (waste?) them. This blog is being done as a public service and remember since I can supply any car sold in Canada I can always help.

Until next time.......


  1. The person responsible for that pink Bentley should be arrested. Bah.

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