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Friday, February 3, 2012

Feb 3: Macabre 2 - Lincolns

The most popular blog I've ever done was on hearses and as you would know if you had read it, I really like these custom automobiles. Here are a few more.......recently Lincoln funeral cars were in the news, when who else but the Yankee hating Dear Leader of North Korea showed up at his own funeral with no less than four Lincoln funeral cars  -  go figure!

None of these cars was an actual hearse, but all appeared to be mid '70's armoured limousines, except for one late '90's sedan. Note that the casket is on the roof, but as he was such a small guy, they could have put it in the trunk.

The North Koreans are not the only ones who love to depart in this good old American marque. How about these different models from Japan.........

This pic shows a style that I believe is unique to Japan........a hearse with room for the closest family members as well (only the expired member is in the very back). Macabre or what? Funny that in a country that is very tight for space, this super long version is quite popular.

Looking for something with a touch more bling? Then this '80's Town Car moveable temple should fit the bill beautifully.......

Like to see this in something a little newer from say around 2000.........

Now since we are checking out some of what I consider to be rather outrageous designs, let's take a look at this unique creation from the '30's or '40's........

Don't ask, because I just don't know. And finally let's get a better pic of the North Korean Lincolns as they take the little bouffanted fella to his final reward.......

We should all be so happy to ride off into the sunset in a shiny black Lincoln Town Car. Way to go, little guy!

Until next time........


  1. If they weren't mid '70's armoured limousines, they'd blow right over with those things on the roof!

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