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Friday, February 24, 2012

Feb 24: Mystery Cruze

Have any of you noticed the latest brochure from the Sick Kids Lottery in Toronto? There is a great picture of a Chevy Cruze and ski vacation package, not a surprise, but the Cruze is the European 5 door like this one........

Great looking hatch and just what is needed in this segment of the market. The interesting thing about the ad shown here......

..........is that this model is not available in Canada or the US. I've checked the Chevy website and there is no mention of it coming to Canada, actually no mention of it period. Also no mention of it being shown at the Toronto Auto Show. Interesting shot, since it is not one that was picked up off the web in error. Today I'm headed to the auto show, so I will be looking for this model. Car sleuth in action?? Mystery Cruze indeed!

Big NASCAR weekend with the Daytona 500 running on Sunday  -  starts the season off with a bang, actually several of them since crashes are common place in this race. My favorite? Dale Jr would be my #1 choice, but there are any number of drivers that I'd like to see win, just not one of the Busch brothers. By the way, the CMC is not a race fan.

Until next time........

1 comment:

  1. Good luck finding it at the show.

    I could swear that we were just talking about the Cruze wagon last week - about how it would be a great product here.

    I notice that the car's registration plate in the ad is either English or European as well.