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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feb 7: Car Movies

What are some of the greatest car movies......Le Mans? Grand Prix? Those two probably come to mind most often, but there are some cult classics that are right up there. Here are three of my favorites......

I really like "Two Lane Blacktop"  -  occasionally a cut version is shown on late night TV, but if you can rent the original it's much better. Singer James Taylor and Beach Boy Dennis Wilson cross the country racing for money. Not an Oscar pic in anyone's book, but fun. Some of the scenes shot at a major drag race are good history.

"Vanishing Point" featured Barry Newman as the driver trying to deliver a Challenger 340 across the western United States in record time. Great car chase action, interesting characters and the smash ending scene is "to die for".

The star Challenger was recently made into a plastic model kit as well as a large scale diecast model. As in all of these movies, the car is the star.

TV movie "California Kid" featured a pre "Apocalypse Now" Martin Sheen as a visiting hot rodder, who attracts the attention of the poisonous local sheriff, Vic Morrow. As well as Sheen's unltra cool '32 Ford coupe, the police cruiser was also a star. Morrow's ride was a very big motored '57 Plymouth Fury two door  -  looked and sounded great in all its scenes.

How cool does Sheen look in this scene as he
prepares to go head to head with the local lawman?

I believe all of these movies may be available on dvd and there are scenes from each on YouTube. Sheen being chased by the sheriff down a mountain road is quite exciting.

Any other hidden gems that you know of?

Until next time.........


  1. I have vanishing point on DVD at home. I should probably watch it again sometime.

    I'll need to look up the other two. Sheen looks a LOT like Charlie in that one photo.

  2. Hi Barry

    I know it's not a car or "guys" movie, but I love the use of cars in Thelma and Louise. Lots of really cool old convertibles. The last scene when they both drive over the cliff is remembered by many a movie-goer.

    1. Agreed, but it was a crime to run that T-Bird off a cliff. Couldn't they just park it and jump arm in arm??

    2. Yeah. You're right Barry.

      I guess it was a waste of a good T-bird.

  3. Those are good ones, Barry, but...

    Gone in Sixty Seconds - the original, not the remake garbage - was insanely good. Blues Brothers deserves an honorable mention as well, and I'd kick in Death Proof just to complete the list!