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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20: Macabre, part trois

My wife is going to say, "Enough already with the macabre hearse blogs!", but I'm writing it and there is some very interesting stuff out there that just must be shared.

Ever wish that the funeral would be over and you could get back to normal the quicker the better? Here is the answer.......

The ultra quick way to the graveyard is in a sparkling new Maserati Quattroporte hearse. No doubt that this beauty is fast, but it is also oh so tasteful. Probably not worth dying for, but what a great last ride, although I'd sure prefer to be behind the wheel.

What else is there that will get them talking long after one is in the ground.........

The ultimate in togetherness  -  the mourners can not only all go the cemetery together in this hearse, but they can also have the wake in this luxurious Airstream hearse. That neat square hole in the rear quarter panel is where the casket slides in. Cool, eh? Saves on lengthy funeral processions as well, so it is very green.

Remember the Film "Harold and Maude", remember the early '60's Jag XKE hearse......

It won't carry much (maybe just the ashes?), but it would be another good reason to go to the funeral.

Sick of the whole dam thing and want the simplest alternative, then here is the ultimate in simplicity, No Jags, no Airstream, no Maserati, no hearse.......

And it also sure helps if you own a convertible.

Until next time.........

1 comment:

  1. Those are crazy - very neat.

    The last one reminds me of the movie "Highway 61."