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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6: African Dictators' Cars

Dictators and their cars. Certain countries have a type of ruler who likes a very particular model of car, a car whose citizens probably don't make enough yearly to buy just one wheel. Let's start this blog with the pic above. These cars belonged (note the past tense) to the 41 year old son of the head of Equatorial Guinea (oil money). This scene took place in Paris when these cars were being impounded for something or other. And this was only one trailer load  -  there was at least one more and this was from one home in Paris. Ok, boys and their toys, but what about dad?

Their car of choice for years and years has been the Mercedes-Benz 600 limo. I have a model of one in my office and a friend when he sees it, always calls it "The African Dictators' Car".......

This Pullman version was considered to be the ultimate and a must have for any up and coming dictator on the Dark Continent. Want to be better seen and worshipped(?) by your citizens, then how about this model........

Hard to be really appreciated if your fellow country men and women can't look you in the eye (but don't be too obvious about it).

Even though the cars were built primarily in the '70's, they were kept by these guys for years, because they were so well respected (the cars that is) and had immense presence. Nowadays the body style has changed, much more armour has been added (those darn trigger happy citizens), but the make of choice is still their beloved Mercedes as seen by this new model........

Hopefully you'll remember this blog if you ever get to be head of an African country and wonder what you should be driving. Just trying to be helpful.

Until next time.........

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