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Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9: Geneva Show Bentley Plus

Finally!!! All those folks who have a Bentley coupe or cabrio and need a winter beater  -  your prayers are answered..........

Yup, this is the new Bentley suv, the Falcon, which was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show this past week. Just what the aspiring soccer mom needs when she realizes that her friend's Escalade is a bit too big and a bit declasse'. Actually I do know of a guy who drives a Bentley cabrio in the Summer and has a Porsche Panamera as a "winter beater". Needless to say, he doesn't live in my neighbourhood.

But what's with these brands that are traditionally one thing and then they add something out of left field, for example the Porsche Cayenne? Does the term "survival" come to mind? Really they are just being smart and taking advantage of a market opportunity. But surely a brand like Lamborghini would never add a sport ute, would they?

Don't be so sure about that, Barry. This pic from an Italian mag, shown on the sportlux.com website, is what rumours say might be the new, yet to be announced Lamborghini suv. Lots of teaser info, but nothing definite. Lambo has also teased us with a sedan version, testing the market before spending the big bucks on an actual vehicle.

Who else might go this route.......

This is not a "might", this is a definite, the Maserati Kubang. Where did they get that awful name? Why not call it the Maserati Rock Salt  -  it's just as stupid. Name aside, I think these suv's are quite good ideas and will probably make a mint for their respective companies, afterall look how well the Porsche sport ute has done.

Some other interesting intros at Geneva, but they'll wait until next week.

Until next time........

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