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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4: Independence Day & Pick-up Trucks

July 4th, Independence Day for our southern neighbours. What could be more American than the flag, apple pie and the American pick-up truck? Sure, there have been pick-ups in many other countries, but no one has developed them or made them as mainstream as the United States and Canada.

Do you remember when these trucks were used for utilitarian purposes only......

These early pick-ups were plain Jane and had but one use, that was to lug stuff around. Beat them up, push them around and drive the snot out of them  -  they kept on ticking (like those Timex watches).

In the mid-fifties, things began to change as the manufacturers added some passenger car comforts and designs to these practical haulers. The first was the 1955 Chevrolet Cameo carrier.......

Note the passenger car-like trim on the rear quarter panel and if viewed from the back, it had lights that were similar to the 1955 Chev car. Add whitewall tires, full wheel discs and you have a rig that just might be ok to drive to the country club (everyone seemed to drive to the country club in the '50's).

Dodge took this one bizarre step further in 1957.........

Wha makes this truck rather unusual is that the rear quarter panel of a '57 Dodge station wagon was "glued" on to the side of their pick-up truck. Viola, instant stylish Sweptside pick-up! Take that GM! Anyway, it never sold and was discontinued after a couple of years.

These trucks were the start of the pick-up as more than just a practical vehicle. They have evolved over the years to what we have now........pick-ups that have replaced the car as some family's only vehicle. Any option available in a car can also be put on your truck  -  leather, sunroof, navigation. Quite an evolution.

Independence Day. A time to celebrate all things US and let's not forget about the now, not so lowly pick-up truck, an American icon.

Until next time.......

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