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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10: Old Car Oddities

This '57 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser is a real old car oddity, just take a look at the antenna above (there was one on each side of the windshield), but that's not today's focus. Look at that monster of a spare tire carrier -  this is today's blog, the continental rear tire kit. Not sure how this idea got its start, but this pic might give us a clue........

The first cars usually carried a spare (or two) out back just in case and with those roads "just in case" became the norm. This black beauty is a '40's Lincoln Continental and it has a tastefully designed spare tire carrier. Is this possibly how the name originated? Any ideas?

Anyway, in the 1950's this idea became a real fashion statement, mandatory for a snazzy custom car and was even a factory option on some cars like this Nash.......

Actually this is not too bad looking, but the one on that Mercury up top is just hideous. Much too big, unattractive and how in the world do you get into the trunk even if the actual tire is removed? Here are some other examples........

Note on the red '59 Ford how it even had channels for the tail lights, so that they would be completely visible. Again, how does one get into that trunk to get your golf clubs? Most of these continental kits seemed to end up on Ford products, but here are a couple of GM's.......

The turquoise Impala has an almost tasteful tire carrier compared to the Fords and this red Pontiac.

This fad was short lived and except for a few customs, it seems to have died out by 1960  -  thank goodness. In my opinion, they added nothing to the overall design and apart from limiting access to the trunk, how did you ever park one of these behemoths? Ideas to ponder.

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  1. Even with a full-sized spare in the trunk, I'd still be able to fit most of my possessions in one of those Fords.

  2. Vintage cars absolutely have this one-of-a-kind oddity. The collection of images you have here are EPIC. Some of them are even priceless! Literally, most of the vintage cars are auctioned at a very good price. I remember this event in a London car show wherein the cars are painted with graffiti. I was so impressed on how they look.