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Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27: Attention Lottery Winners

Just won the lottery and have money to burn, piss away or whatever? Don't know how to make a statement that will tell all the plebs that you've arrived? Wondering what to arrive in? Stay tuned, as I have some answers.

Anyone with about a million bucks and contact with the Ferrari factory could have bought the very limited production (399?) Enzo. But for those with unlimited funds or newly claimed lottery winnings, how about flaunting your wealth with a bright pink version. This will send your message loud and clear, also declaring to everyone that you lack good taste or any at all.

Not man enough to have a pink Ferrari, then how about something a bit more blindingly subtle........

......this chrome model will stop everyone in their tracks, if only to check their look in your mirrored finish. Again a great way to trumpet the fact that you are now in the money.

Ok, these are "cheap" ideas, but you have some serious coin to spend and a mere paint finish just won't cut it. This is your time to really step up and let the world know that you've arrived.........

Roll really high and have Ferrari customize one of their current models for you. After all when you arrive, it's always nice to arrive with friends, so a sedan makes perfect sense and only a Ferrari will do. Or maybe you have no friends, but need something to carry your golf clubs (or bags of $)...........

.........smart looking, yet very practical. Pull up in this Daytona or park it by your new double wide trailer so the world will know you are a person of substance. Still not convinced that the above ideas are special enough and you want the ultimate ride? What to do, what to do?

Solution!! Call Ferrari and have them design an entirely new car for you. You deserve it, since it was you who picked the winning numbers. Now back to real life.......the car above was done by Ferrari for a very well known collector in New York about 5 years ago. The downside is that you have had to be collecting these cars for many years before Ferrari would even talk to you. I guess that means you are back to an Escalade with 24" chromies. Oh well, you still have your money.

Until next time..........

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