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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 31: Women in Car Ads

Think about this, but not for too long. How would an ad like this work today with its implication that the husband makes the car decisions (or any big decision?). Or how about this one........

Old ads, whether for cars or not are a great way to trace how our society views things over the years. I don't think we'll see any smart ad agency these days implying that the hubby is the decision maker, actually, it's probably the other way around much of the time (in our home it is 100% a joint decision).

Take the man out of it and how about doing a car strictly for the women? This probably wouldn't work today either, but at least once in the past, someone tried it............

.........the 1955 and 1956 Dodge La Femme......pretty in pink (its only colour) and marketed 100% strictly for the lady. Try that today?? Heck, it didn't work almost 60 years ago.

I found some other ads that although not exactly geared towards women, featured them prominently and in the most offensive ways.......

Can you, even for one minute (second?), picture a company running this ad today? If you doubt me, blow it up and read the copy.

Now for the ultimate in sexist advertising and surprisingly from a staid company like BMW. It's actually clever if not completely politically incorrect. Are you ready?

Read the copy and think about it for a second.

Until next time.........

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