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Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20th: New Aston Martin for Cheap!

This is my idea of a real Aston Martin, the drop dead gorgeous new Vanquish. Great looks and power  -  AM hallmarks from the get go. But a new AM for cheap? Certainly not with this baby.

So what am I talking about? Behold...........

Feast your eyes on this beauty  -  the 2013 Aston Martin Cygnet. Can it get any better than this? Just picture James Bond racing along the Amalfi Coast in a motorized dual with a what? A smart car? A Prius?

Aston Martin's idea was to sell a city car to their clients who want something economical for scooting around the packed cities of Europe. "Economical" here is a relative term, since the Cygnet sells for 31,995 pounds in England, which translates to about $51,000 Canadian.........if it were to ever sell here. According to our local dealer in Toronto, this is not going to happen (thank goodness!).

Just what is the Cygnet? Well, it's a Toyota........based on the recently introduced to Canada, Toyota Scion iQ, a very little smart car competitor as seen below........

Hard to believe, since the iQ sells for $18,355 fully equipped. That must be some nice interior!

What is Aston Martin thinking? Folks got bent out of shape when Porsche intro'd a sport utility, so what must the AM owners think? I assume though, that Aston Martin knows their clientele. They probably know that there are a few aging rock stars, who need something when their Phantom is "resting". And here I was wondering how to spend my money when I won the lottery.

Until next time........

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  1. That's exponentially worse than VW farming out their minivan to Chrysler. Shame.