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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hot wheels for hot shots

Is there anyone anywhere who hasn't seen a pic of Bob Hope's famous ski slope nosed golf cart? I don't know whether he had it made himself or whether it was a loving(?) gift from adoring fans. Either way, it sure would make a statement on the links. But let's say a real car guy or gal wants to make a golf cart statement and has the coin to be able to do it, what are their options? The typical customized cart seems to be an Escalade or something like this classic ride.......

Pretty standard stuff, a baby mock up of a '57 Chevy, but hey, someone has to have the imagination to really personalize their country club ride. What if one was into pick-up trucks in a big way? What could they come up with?

Sure, this is the way to go, a classic Ford F-150 and you are the star of the golf course. You could shoot 200 and not be ashamed, because you are behind the wheel of a great ride. Want to go one further in the truck line? Practise one upmanship?

Yeah man, now we're really talking. You could use those extra long belly putters without having to leave your cart. The downside of course, is the climb up and down this beast, as you move from shot to shot. But, hey, when you have a macho ride like this, that is a very small price to pay. Not man enough for you? Ok, here is one more truck idea........

With this baby, there ain't no one going to question whether you parred the last hole or shot five over. No sir, this ride would rule.

Not into this truck stuff? In fact, you are the stereotypical old dude on the golf course? Have no fear, you can make your own smooth and quiet statement with this Buick flavoured cart.......

Nothing going to stand out as you cruise the course shooting par in your low key ride. Probably wouldn't even be noticed.

But you are a real car guy, not into trucks, but a sporty individual of unquestionable taste........

Speed from shot to shot in your very own Viper golf cart. Woweeee! Finish your 18 holes in a mere 60 minutes. "Hey, did that guy just play thru? He was going so fast, I couldn't tell."

Me? What would I drive? Well, the Viper kinda catches my eye, but I want to be safe from all those bozos whose "once in a lifetime shots" almost hit me on the head. I want a ride that gets my message across. What would be the ideal choice?

Of course, an armoured golf cart. Great for those inner city courses. You pull up in this as golfers are waiting to tee off and you go right to the front of the line. You won't even have to lock and load that firearm you're obviously packing. That ride along armed caddy is a bit over the top, but a great effect never the less. Ah, if only life was this easy.

So get thinking car folk golfers. Come up with your own great personalized ride, something that says you have arrived and are ready to tee off. Be the talk of your club.

Until next time......

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