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Friday, May 30, 2014

May 30: Long to drive a Rolls?

Now what car guy or gal wouldn't want to be seen cruising the hood in this classic beauty from the late forties? Even if you are into sports cars or muscle cars, just the thought of a brief time in this regal ride should be of interest. But let's say that you were really into the classics and have pined for a vintage Roller like this forever. The problem is cash and no matter how long you wait, the flow situation never seems to improve. What is one to do? Give up on the dream?

Of course, I have the ideal solution to have your dream ride or darn close to it.......

Hard to tell the difference isn't it? But those eagle eyed readers will notice that this isn't quite a Rolls-Royce. But to the untrained eye it has all the cues  -  the upright radiator grille, all the classic coachwork angles and the two tone paint scheme. What could possibly be missing?

I guess the main thing that missing is the R-R name, but most importantly so is the R-R price. So you want a Rolls, but budget constraints have held you back? Well folks, step right up to an early '50's Triumph Mayflower, brought to you by that well known sports car company. Everything a Rolls-Royce isn't, but is (think about it).

Even in plain old black, this little Mayflower reeks of regal status. Unless you show them what you actually paid, your automobile ignorant next door neighbour will have no idea, that you haven't really one upped them. But who's to know?

Lust after a cabrio? Well, Triumph can also accommodate those capricious whims of yours. And note those "look at me" landau bars, that obviously denote that you are driving a car of substance.

Ok, so you've had enough of this swapping a high end dream for a low end ride. You've decided, that if you must lower your sights, you are going to make your little dreamboat one that will stand out, even when a real Rolls rolls up next to you. Here are a couple of imaginative solutions........

Look closely and notice that the exhaust is exiting in front of the right tire. And what a tire that is, probably 18" wide. These are a couple of clues as to what might lie under this little gem's hood. A few years back, I attended British Car Day just outside Toronto and saw a very similar Mayflower with a flip front end exposing a 600+ cubic inch motor. Short wheelbase, big power  -  now there was is an exciting ride.

Ok, so you are more into a classic look, as opposed to big, but somewhat discrete power..........

The answer is surely this nicely customized Mayflower. Coach building what already looks like a classic coach built ride. Think it and someone will have done it.

But back to my original premise, that the little Mayflower could solve your Rolls-Royce fantasies. Just how far fetched is my thinking, when you look back at the original Mayflower ad below? Yep, the Triumph folks were no dummies. They realized what they had and were ready to flaunt it. So folks, dust off that seemingly unattainable R-R dream of yours and buy an inexpensive little pretender. Heck, only you will (and I) will know the difference.

Until next time........

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