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Friday, May 2, 2014

May 2: A sign of Spring?

Saw one of these yesterday and to me that was a sure sign of Spring. Certainly nothing weather wise indicates that this was the first of May. I won't even see the golf course until tomorrow and even that is questionable. So back to that icon of Spring, the ice cream truck. Back in my New Brunswick youth, the only experience I had with these treat carrying trucks was from TV or comic books. Never saw one in Saint John. Deprived! Moving to Toronto, I saw that they were a regular feature in the residential neighbourhoods, cruising while playing that annoying tune.

So this got me to thinking, what other ice cream trucks were or are roaming around our world?

This Mini based trucklette is ideal, but of course it wouldn't have room for a double scoop or much else, I would think. Something as cute, but a little bigger is in order........

Yeah, that's it. This little converted van from Australia, which might be based on a Commer van (any thoughts?). A good size and obviously the right colour. Big enough to carry all the necessities needed for those over the top sundaes and banana splits.

Want to see a real ice cream truck, not just a converted van, then look no further than the Good Humor company.......

They sure got it right with their purpose built fridges on wheels, that could be nothing else but a purveyor of good and decadent treats. And check out that spiffy uniform. No mere t-shirt, this company knew how to walk the walk. Not sure that the tie would cut it these days.

And of course, what a great way to meet new "friends". Who could resist a guy in uniform with his truck full of ice cream. It's a no brainer, this was the way to go before eHarmony or Christian Mingle. I can picture the ad now......"guy with good humor desires to meet non calorie conscious mate". The line forms on the right.

To me, good ice cream is from heaven, so with that in mind, I present my candidate for the very best ice cream truck........

"Treats from Jesus" or some such catchy name is all that this truck needs. My "come to Jesus moment" is when I step up to order my butterscotch sundae. Ahhhhhh, nothing better.

Welcome Spring, you couldn't get here fast enough.

Until next time.....

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