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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27: My, how things have changed

Just a small cozy, little, small town/city dealership. Probably has room for a couple of cars in the showroom or maybe even only one. My first new car was bought in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1971 at a Plymouth dealership, which had been made out of an old building, that resembled something one sees at old airports, you know with a corrugated steel, semi circular roof. Nothing fancy at all, but typical of what one would find in any number of cities and towns back in the day.

Here's another pic of the same sort of dealership, but this one is selling the long gone Nash, before it became American Motors and way before it was bought by Chrysler (got that?). My second new car was bought in a small, northern New Brunswick town and if I remember correctly, the dealer didn't even have a showroom for one car.

Obviously not all the dealerships were like this, as some had larger lots and room for several cars in their showrooms. Ones like this Plymouth-Chrysler dealership from the late '50's or the Ford one, below it, from the mid '60's........

I guess there may still be the odd dealership like these hidden away in some village or town somewhere in North America, but it's probably unlikely. Think things have changed since those days? Actually, those days are not that far behind us. In the last fifteen years the manufacturers have realized that the dealership experience was lacking and that they didn't always present their best face to the world. Don't all retail stores try to entice their clientele to come in and have a good experience? You would think so, but it's not always the case.

Anyway, how things have changed. That small, rough dealership has become somewhat more presentable (lots of sarcasm here).........

Much cleaner and much bigger. But this is only the outside. Now there are computer terminals inside, coffee shops, tv's, lounges and in some cases, wine bars (have a few drinks before we give you our bill). One of my favorite dealers is Downtown BMW in Toronto.......

Six stories and it includes an opening (above left), where six cars are positioned for drivers to see as they come down the highway. Very cool. Amazing what can be done with old office buildings and lots of coin. Mercedes also has these palaces to showcase the many ways that you can spend your hard earned dollars......

Now who wouldn't want to drop into this great looking edifice with a couple of hundred grand to spend or even to buy a Sprinter truck?

Let's do one more flashback to the old days and see what the Porsche experience was.......

Basically a VW dealership with the odd sportscar available, in case you wanted something a little more exotic and unusual than a Corvette. Well, you know how things have changed with Porsche. Sedans and suv's now compete for sales and floor space with their iconic sportscars. How does Porsche present themselves to the world these days?

Of course, in a building that screams German cutting edge and efficiency. Big change from the, "Oh, and we also have a sportscar you may be interested in", showroom in the old pic.

Yes, how things have changed. Almost makes you want to buy a new set of wheels or to take your car in for service just for this grandiose experience. Yes, almost.

Until next time.........

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