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Friday, May 16, 2014

May 16: Royal rides

Victoria Day Weekend. Here in Canada this long weekend, named after Queen Victoria, signifies the start of Summer. The time to open the cottage and anticipate the real start of those hot Summer days. Enough background, so what does this have to do with cars? A weekend named after royalty? Doesn't that mean we should take a look at some of the royal rides? Of course, and where better to start than jolly old England?

Beginning with the inside. Because the loyal subjects yearn to see their monarch, those big side windows are an absolute must. The drink cabinet is a nice addition and of course, the mandatory lamb's wool carpets to snuggle those royal tootsies.

To those of a certain age, the name Austin denotes a small English car that sold to the masses, not the Queen. But look at this regal beauty, it is an Austin, specifically the Princess. This top of the line ride was often used by the monarch, as she viewed her masses and acknowledged their adoration with a small, genteel wave.

But being royalty, the car manufacturer's were (and are still), willing to produce something special for your royal butt. This is a one off Ford Zephyr woodie from the late '50's. Made for the duke to run around his Scottish estate. And of course, note the big windows, so that the peasants instantly knew who just blew by them. Lot's of room for those Victoria Day Weekend two fours, that one needs to help celebrate the beginning of Summer.

For the Queen of England, even the French maker, Citroen, got into the act with this lengthened 1970's SM coupe (you know the beauty with the Maserati motor). I think that the extra length and the classic squared off roof line really work well on this convertible version (fit for a queen?).

Easy to focus on England, since that is where royalty lives large, but how many of you were wondering about the Emperor of Japan? I thought so. Here is what that regal gentleman can cruise his island domaine in........

You are correct, this is the very serene Toyota Century, equipped with a V-12 for those times when the masses' adoration gets a little unruly. Sure doesn't look like any Camry I've ever seen.

Now, here is my favourite........

This is a Lexus LS, custom built for Prince Albert of Monaco. See, even the royalty of the tiniest states get the respect of the car makers in the form of custom built wheels. I always wonder how these cars, which to me look like ovens on wheels, protect their passengers from the sun and heat? Modern technology, no doubt.

So as we'll leave our royal rides, as we head off for the weekend, starting with our usual Friday afternoon golf game........

So long, your Majesty (by the way, that is a Daimler)!

Until next time.......

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