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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 3: Who asked this question?

Keep this picture in mind. It is the Land Rover Evoque two door. What, you haven't seen one? Not surprising, as most of the Evoques sold in North America are the good old four door versions. Maybe overseas they are more popular. Anyway, the Evoque is a stylish and, based on what I see around Toronto, a very popular smaller suv. Now take a look at this recently discontinued oddity.......

Never sold in Canada, although I do see the odd one around here, this is Nissan's CrossCabriolet. In other words, it is a Murano convertible. First of all, two doors were removed and then the top was chopped off. The answer to a question, I don't believe anyone ever asked. At least Nissan could have made it look a bit (or a lot) better. So it was recently discontinued. That tell you something?

Manufacturers are usually willing to do most anything in order to get a jump on the market. Even coming up with a convertible sport utility. Lesson learned? I don't think so. Just look at what Karman, the German design and engineering company, did. They took a shot at coming up with a cabrio sport ute.......

Why you ask? Does someone actually think that there is a market for this type of car? Truck? Whatever? Obviously some great minds, with a few developmental dollars to spare, do think that a market exists.

Think back to that Evoque at the beginning of my blog and now think of it like this.......

Land Rover has done what Nissan did and what Karman imagined. They have taken the top off of their very popular Evoque. This new model will be introduced at the Geneva Auto Show, which opens to the public on March 5th. Granted, it is one heck of a lot better looking vehicle than the Murano Frankenstein was, but hey, who asked the question?

The Murano was a dud, but this one will tell the world if there is actually a market for such a thing. Better looking, but probably the same price as the CrossCabriolet, it will appeal (in my opinion) to a much younger and hipper audience. But will they care? Did they ask this question? Or, did they not know, that they actually wanted this type of suv? As I've said several times before.....stay tuned.

Until next time......

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