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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nov 1: Fallen Colours

When did we change?  When did we decide that our cars had to be rather somber like this new BMW wearing the very latest in vogue matte paint?

At the risk of sounding way too old, I remember when you could get just about any colour on your new car. Not just 4, 5 or 6 colours, but 15 to 20 were the norm at times in the past. My wife recently wanted a bright colour on her new car and was restricted to red......sure it suited her car and it looks good, but only one choice!!

Let's look back quite a few years to this colourful Packard from the mid '50's  -  three colours on one car!

Or this bright DeSoto........

How about this magazine cover showing a few of the colourful new rides from the 1950's.......

Remember I mentioned about the range of colours one could chose from? Now, I don't know how a dealer would or could stock all of these (they obviously didn't), but wouldn't it be great to have this palette laid out before you.......

Would it drive you crazy or would you embrace the opportunity to really make your ride (in this case a Caddy) stand out? No two cars the same was not really an idle boast.

When and why did we change? Why are we so much more conservative? Any ideas?

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  2. I read an article about this recently.

    Apparently, the high amounts of pigments required for some of the more vibrant colours can cause paint to crack (think all of those plastic mouldings and bumpers on modern cars). And the clear-coats that are now used also dull the visual "pow" a colour can give a car compared to the lacquer-style paints of the past.

    oh, there's more. With silver, black and white being the most popular colours, and with many people ditching their cars after three or four years, the safe way to go is with the dull colours so it's easy to re-sell.