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Friday, November 18, 2011

Nov 18: Gold Standard

Lots of things change over time, but how many companies can boast that their products have been associated with the very best for over 100 years? I would guess that the list is a very short one. Today's blog is about Rolls-Royce.......started in 1907 and still today considerd to be the epitome in rolling luxury.

This pic from the '30's says it all.......there is the chauffeur, the high class lady and Buckingham Palace  -  you draw your own conclusions. Or how about........

Nothing else needs to be said

Love this ad of a Corniche cabrio in New York City. This guy must be really wealthy if he can be as unconcerned as he appears, while being surrounded by all those NYC taxis. And of course, all those other luxury cars that the ad alludes to (Benz and Cadillac are the most noticeable).

But things have changed for RR. This grand old British institution, one that signified royalty, tradition, old world craftsmenship is now owned by VW (Volkswagen). That little company that built "peoples' cars" right after the war is now a powerhouse and now owns Rolls Royce. Current model below......

How has this changed the brand? Well these cars are even more sought after, their price was increased, the model range expanded, quality vastly improved and the sales keep on coming. I don't think that anyone would have forseen that VW would add even more cache' to the Rolls Royce brand.

The more things change, the more the stay the same. Who would have thought?

Until next time.........

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