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Friday, November 11, 2011

Nov 11: Chick Car

How would this ad play in 2011? My guess is not too well, but back in 1955 Dodge thought it would be a great idea to market a high style 2 door hardtop to women. Appropriately painted in two shades of pink (sorry, "rose"), it was the only car marketed directly to females. Sure, many car companies back then pointed out that power steering and brakes made these road yachts easier for the lady of the house to drive, but no one dedicated a whole car to her.

And in addition to the female friendly colour, La femme also included a rain cape, a hat and an umbrella in a complimentary rose shade! I bet today's Rolls-Royce Phantom's umbrella isn't even colour matched.

Not enough pink outside? How about this interior  -  talk about getting carrying out a theme..........

Did La Femme sell? Nope! Wrong car, wrong idea  -  who knows, but very few sold back in the day, so if you have one now with all the lady's accessories it is a valuable automobile.

There have been several cars over the years that for some reason or another have sold predominantly to women. Would it surprise you to know there is one today that seems to be mainly driven by Moms moving around their busy families? It is what I call the Chick Car of the New Millenium. Any guesses?

The huge Chevrolet Suburban - loved by Soccer Mom's everywhere

Who would have thought?

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  1. 2 cars from the 90s:
    1. Suzuki X-90
    2. VW Cabrio

    It's the Cabrio drivers who snatched up the Suburbans.

  2. I dunno about the Cabrio's snatching up the Suburbans but there are tons of moms driving 'em!

    Barry - I didn't know they had a push button on those old cars!?! Pretty cool :)