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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nov 22: Infamous Date

Almost everyone will recognize this pic as President Kennedy in his open top, stretch Lincoln limo from the early '60's. Almost everyone also knows that November 22nd marks the anniversary of his assassination in this car in Dallas, Texas. The lesser know anniversary is that this is the very last time that a US president rode in an open topped car in public. Scenes like this one below from the '50's showing President Eisenhower are long gone......

Ike is shown on the day of his inauguration being driven past the Capitol in a 1953 Cadillac Eldorado  -  fully open to any nut bar with a gun. But this was the 1950's and like the early '60's, it was inconceivable that the President would be in any danger, what with all the secret service and other police surrounding him. Dallas proved that to be a misconception. One man, one gun, one dead president.

Immediately these cars were better armoured and enclosed. Even the Lincoln that Kennedy died in was reconstructed for future presidents (kinda of spooky if you ask me). In this pic you can see the new roof in place.......

From here the limos went to even greater protection, but still tried to let the president be seen by one and all. The Clinton's Cadillac is a good example of this........

Lots or armour and lots of glass. But recently everyone has become much more paranoid (for good reason?) and the latest limo is a rolling tank disguised like a Cadillac.......

Obama's limo is built on a truck chassis and he is so well hidden behind very thick glass, that the most anyone can see will be a shadow (waving, no less). Gone are those carefree and innocent times where we could see the pres and I guess, honestly, it is for the better.

I have a collection of model presidential limos showing the changes, so maybe one day I'll show a photo.

Until next time........


  1. I've seen the Kennedy car at the Ford museum.

    I don't even want to think about how much that Caddytank weighs, but I'm sure it's a hybrid :-)

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