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Friday, November 4, 2011

Nov 4: Trailer Trash?

Every Fall a buddy and I go to a NASCAR race. The Sprint Cup series races almost every weekend from mid February to mid November somehwere in the US, from New Hampshire to Florida to California. All over. The drivers become heroes and develop huge (or not so huge) followings. And NASCAR fans like to wear their allegiance/support their favorite driver -  t-shirts, leather jackets, model cars, hats and whatever else you can think of. This is big business.

Following each race are several dozen big (45' long) souvenir trailers, usually one for each driver, athough the most popular drivers might have 2 or 3. They are literally a store on wheels. Take a look at this pic.........

It shows all the trailers lined up near the race track open for business, like in this close up of Jeff Burton's trailer ......

One side opens up to the display cases for the small stuff and walls where all the clothing is displayed along with 2 cash registers ready to ring up the purchases. Even a dead driver has a following........

Dale Earnhardt (#3) died in 2001, yet he still has a trailer doing a brisk business, although over the years, I've noticed that the crowds around it are no longer "crowds".

 These trailers are decorated to show the driver and usually a picture of his car. Sometimes the trailer is team effort, like the one above, but usually they are dedicated to one driver.

NASCAR fans are loyal and like to spend on souvenirs. How much? Well, a couple of years ago, Dale Earnhardt Jr, the most popular driver, sold $750 million in a year  -  seven hundred and fifty million dollars!!!! 'Nuff said.

Until next time..........

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