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Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11: Police Cars - Public Service Announcement

Pay attention, this is very important. The old classic Ford Crown Victoria police car is now out of production, so it is essential that you know what new vehicles with blue/redlights on them will be in your rearview mirror or manning the all too common radar traps.

The old.......

                                                                 .......... today's Crown Vic is actually yesterday's Crown Vic, since this old chestnut is based on the platform that originally came out in 1979. Simple math tells us that the bones of this cruiser have been around for 33 years. THIRTY THREE YEARS! That's several lifetimes for a dog and an eternity for a car. No longer will this familiar front end be looming up behind you with a stern faced, sunglasses wearing city cop, county sheriff, provincial police officer or state trooper behind the wheel.

These next pics will be your new reality......

........the tough looking Dodge Charger (already a familiar sight except in Toronto)

.......the Ford Taurus (get used to it)

........the Australian built Chevrolet Caprice (being used primarily in the US)

All of these replacements come with up to date mechanicals, much better handling and with their optional engines, can run down just about anything on the road without too much heavy breathing. Cops like rear wheel drive, so the Taurus, unless ordered with all wheel drive, might lose out on a few thousand sales.

Joking aside, this is an important segment for the companies to be in, since I believe there are about 75,000 police vehicles sold in North America each year. That was a lot of Crown Vics prowling around since they had the bulk of the market.

Study these pics, commit them to memory and please don't say that I didn't warn you!

Until next time.......

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  1. I think the caprice would like much more menacing if the grille wasn't chrome. Not that chrome is bad, it's just that the grill is so hideous, a different colour would make it less obvious.