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Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25: What's a Cowboy Drive?

The Ford F-150 King Ranch  -  isn't this what the upwardly mobile cowboy of today would drive? Full leather, sunroof, dvd, Bluetooth and navi. Just what is needed for a hard day out on the range, herding cattle, avoiding rattlesnakes, shooting buffalo. Was it always like this? Not a chance.

Here for example, is what a well off range rider from the '60's would patrol his spread in........

Necessities? Protective bull horns on the front end. Fender mounted six shooters. Rifle on the back fender. All the good stuff to make the job safer and easier. Now for seat comfort, take a look at the inside of this baby.......

Not sure what all the gold coins are used for, probably to buy off rustlers. Another gun on the dash and in the back seat (must be a US car, where you can never have enough guns). Check out the saddle on the console. Who needs a pick-up truck when you have a classy ride like this Pontiac Bonneville? Actually this would be an economy ride as the well to do cowpoke would have something a little more up scale, like this Caddy.......

Not sure what it's doing in the city, but those intimidating bull horns are great addition to any car. Come to think of it, a great idea to herd traffic aside as you make your way home to the ranch. Surprising that it hasn't become a common option these days. Maybe now that I've suggested it, it will.

Thought that this would be a good history lesson.

Until next time.........

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  1. I've known that cowboy cars have a masculine body and engine. However, these cowboy cars are literally the right one. Dressing these cars are awesome, and that interior is quite impressive! I do hope that car is rigged with hydraulics to make it really superb. Bumpy ride!