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Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4th: Chinese Copycat Car Designs

In my last blog I mentioned some Chinese copycat car designs and showed a pic of the Chinese version of a Smart Car  -  seemed like a good topic to expand, so here are a few more obvious examples.

This is the Smart, but which is the original and which is the Chinese copy? Hint.......the real Smart is in dark blue. Note that everything is the same even down to the unusual headlight design.

What copyright laws??

Everyone knows what a Hummer looks like, right? Then how about this nice example from the Peoples' Republic of their version.......

Or these Benz E series copies, may I present the Geely Merrie 300 for your viewing pleasure.........

We all know what the term "blatant" means and I think that these are a great example of blatant. One of the most popular crossovers is the Lexus RX350. The Chinese did a rather close copy of this with their BYD S6, behold.........

"Knock off" is another term that comes to mind. As the Chinese market grows, they are going to have to rein in these copycat designs with far stricter copyright laws. No one is going to take these companies seriously if they don't develop their own design language. Actually though, this is happening and in a very few years, watch out, after all look what South Korea has accomplished.
Let's finish up with the good old Toyota Land Cruiser........the Dadi Shuttle is identical right down to the grille design.

This is Friday and the start of my Friday afternoon golf games, so please don't try to reach me after 2. Looks like a great day with only a late prospect of rain. Fore!

Until next time.........


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  4. The Chinese can be good at replicating, but only with the skin and not by the heart. They still tend to have a sense of originality among them. In fact, Chinese cars are also handy and reliable, just like Qoros!