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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8: Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde.......the Juke R

The Nissan Juke........puppy dog cute or just plain ugly  -  you decide. I've always liked it because it was a little (a lot?) different and really stood out. Some might say it's just as easy to design a good looking car as it is an ugly one, but that's a whole other story or blog. Let's call this version Dr. Jekyll.

Now for Mr.Hyde.........

Some mad engineers at Nissan (nutty Europeans I believe) thought it would be a great idea to stuff the heart and soul of their GT-R supercar under the funny little Juke's body. This showed up at a recent auto show and boy, did it get our attention. Take the friendly little Juke with 188 hp and shove the wild child chassis and motor of the GT-R under it. Add a few odds and ends to the outside, so that the other person at the stoplight knows that the "devil in a car disguise" is in the other lane. The real Dr. Jekyll transformed into the evil and wild Mr. Hyde! That meagre 188 hp now goes to 485 and rockets the R to 100 km/hour in about 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 257 kph.

The donor.......

This is what separates those with wild imaginations from the rest of us. Of course, we'll have to toss out the back seat in the process of making our Mr. Hyde from the mild ol' Dr. Jekyll. All that means is that you'll have to impress your friends one at a time. More seat time for you, right?

Just a show car? In a way, but Nissan has offered to take orders and build on demand. Ok, so who reportedly bought the first three? If you guessed some oil rich prince from the Middle East, you win. For approx $200,000 each!

Be the first in your city (or country) to get Nissan's Mr. Hyde version of their Dr. Jekyll Juke. And if you live near Toronto, please, oh please drop by and give me a ride!

Until next time........

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