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Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18: Cadillac Oddities

As the long weekend approaches, I thought this would be an excellent time to look back at some of the custom Cadillacs (like I really need an excuse for any topic?). Cadillac has a pretty good reputation these days as a very competent sports sedan, but not that long ago they were just a big boat and the only game in town when you wanted to make a statement. But that wasn't enough for some people and they had to go a little further, like this custom '54 convertible.......

Bought in California and immediately taken to the shop of George Barris, the famous customizer, who did some extensive bodywork and a roof job. This car is still around after a recent restoration.

For some reason station wagons were always a top choice (even Elvis had one), when it came to change your Sedan de Ville to something special(?). Here are a few.......

..........a '70 Eldorado wagon
..........a 1960 ad for a custom wagon.........

.......and the most recent custom that I could find from the late '70's.

Not satisfied with a mere wagon? Then how about this tasty pick-up custom transformation from 1975......

Load up the hay and head for the racetrack with your thoroughbred pony in the trailer just ahead of you.

Want to see the ultiamte in decadence? How about a Cadillac RV, one of a kind and thankfully so........

Just imagine this beauty pulling into the campground. Eat your heart out you poor folks with obviously lesser vehicles. Maybe you'll see this when you are camping this weekend.

Until next time.........


  1. Funny when you think of all the models Cadillac offers now - wagons, SUVs, etc. I wonder why they never offered wagons before?

  2. That's awesome, I wonder how much their current cost.

    Used Cadillac