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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oct 16: Nano, Nano?

Better start saving. Put away those thoughts of a really cool, but super expensive Hyundai Accent, Chevy Spark or a Nissan Versa. Forget those cars which will set you back a minimum of $13,000 plus freight/pdi. What you are looking for is a great value, but at, let's say, a much more reasonable price. What could possibly be the answer???

I've got it........

Yes, sir, this is the Nano from India and the very good news is that it is headed our way. Hard to believe  we'll be getting a car, that we have lusted after since we first heard that it would be sold in India for about $2500. Chump change my friends, even for a cash strapped young dude. Heck, that's less than the price of a really good stereo. Or maybe super good seats at a U2 concert (really, really good seats).

Tata announced this past week, that within three years North America would get a redesigned version of this tasty treat (tasty like in cold oatmeal with no sugar). Can't hold the $2500 price unfortunately, but that's not surprising since it came with no extras, absolutely none. No heater, nothing. We'll be getting the grown up version for under $10k. You know that new BMW 328 is starting to look a lot less appealing.

Interesting story behind the little Nano and mother Tata. This car was the miracle that would get those Indian families off of those unsafe scooters. Pics like this one are all too common.......

They sure look happy, but wouldn't a four door car be so much better and safer? And for only a little more money? You certainly would think so, but for a variety of marketing reasons, the Nano has bombed in the country for which it was specifically designed. Hence, a super Nano is being re-invented for North America. Add a few features like that heater and all the necessary safety equipment and voila', you have a little bubble of a car for under $10 grand. Marvelous.

What about Tata Motors? Who the heck are they? Most of all, they are a huge company in their native India. They manufacture a variety of cars and very heavy trucks like this monster.......

But you know them for a couple of other cars that have been around for years, like this one......

Yep, Tata Motors is the company that now owns Jaguar and also Land Rover. Funny that two of the most traditional old Brit companies end up being owned by colonials. And they are doing a good job of owning them as well, judging by their new vehicle intros.

Now back to the little Nano. Is it the answer to a question that nobody has asked? If you think so, then save those pennies (you'll need less than a million of them) and hang on until about 2015.

Can I hardly wait??

Until next time........

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