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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oct 23: Wild horses and a cat

Wild horses, indeed, all 550 of them temporarily at rest under the hood of this 2010 Mustang Shelby GT500. No question this is one tough looking horse and it can back up those mean looks. How compelling is this car? Well, a friend of mine is a manager with Toyota and he has one  -  so much for brand loyalty! Even back in the days of the "muscle car era", there was nothing remotely like this. Nothing had the power and nothing handled so well.

Now with carrying around golf clubs and carts, I have long passed my time for two door, two seat plus groceries cars, but I still bought this Mustang........

Here is mine, parked amongst my other models in my basement car room. At 1/25th scale, I can have any car that I lust after. Can't drive them, but I can build 'em. Just finished this with a little help from my friend. I don't like the stripes, so my GT500 has the stripe delete package.

Not the best kit I've ever worked on, since the manufacturer made it ride too high. It took a little cutting and adjusting, but to my eyes it sits about right, a little high in the back end.

No strip package, but I kinda liked the rocker panel stripe, so I put it on one side only  -  two versions for the price of one! Yes, of course, I had help as always with this model. The CMC (Car Modelling Cat) lent a paw as she does on every build of mine. I wonder if it's the smell of the glue?

As you can see, she gets right into to it. What would I do without her?

Any Mustang stories out there that you can share?

Until next time.......

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