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Friday, October 19, 2012

Oct 19: James Bond's Aston Martin's

Bond, James Bond. We've been hearing that intro for 50 years. Fifty years! That's when the first Bond movie hit the big screen. And what car has been associated with James Bond since (almost) the beginning?

You got it, the Aston Martin. The powerful, sleek and sexy Aston Martin. Not an "Austin" Martin and not quite from the very beginning, since Bond was in the Bahamas for his first adventure, "Dr. No". I think the hottest car in that film was a Sunbeam Alpine and not, I believe, a Tiger. But the car shown above set the tone for this super spy. Many of his movies had tricked out Aston's playing pivotal roles. Yeah, I know that in one show, there was a flying AMC Matador (see below), but let's forget about that turkey.

The good stuff featured that classic Brit grand tourer, the Aston. Look at these other Bonds with their rides.......
Pretty boy Bond, Pierce Brosnan

Tough guy Bond, Daniel Craig
You can see from the captions where my feelings lay. I never liked the Brosnan or Roger Moore characters, as I felt they were all looks and no substance. Give me the Sean Connery and Daniel Craig, killers without remorse, Bonds. Not the guys whose hair never got messed (they did have great hair).

Now we are just about to see another Bond film, "Skyfall". You've listened to Adele's song, heard about the 50th anniversary exhibit and maybe seen the promos, but what about his car? Well, I'm cheating a bit here, as I don't think this new Vanquish is in the film, but you can bet that James has one on order. Behold.........

Way too gorgeous for mere words. The buff books are just now doing advance tests and this beautiful beast is getting great reviews. One can just picture this Vanquish ripping along the Almafi coast in pursuit of an SLS (matte black in colour) driving baddie, tail out on every corner (but not hitting the stone walls), avoiding trucks and tour buses. Can't you?

I don't think Aston Martin has ever produced an ugly car or one that I could afford unfortunately. Always beautiful, always powerful and always the perfect car for a super spy (I never understood the blower Bentley from the books). So if the super cheap Nano from my last blog is too extremely cheap, go wild and
dream about your (and James Bond's) new Aston Martin.

Until next time.......

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