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Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1: Chev SS - what's up?

Here it is (finally), the 2014 Chevrolet SS, the new incarnation of the late and lamented Pontiac G8 GT. The Holden super sedan from Australia that made a big impact in North America, but sadly disappeared when GM closed its Pontiac division. There was frequently a rumour that it would come back as a Chev and now it's here, introduced  a couple of weeks ago in Daytona, Florida prior to the big race.

This is one hot ride  -  415 HP, 6.2 liters and about 5 seconds 0-60!

The SS (for Super Sport) name plate has been precious to Chevrolet ever since it was put on this limited production '61 Impala as an option........

Backed up by a 409 cubic inch engine (remember the song?) and built for drag racing, it was an instant hit and a legend was born. In '62 the SS was its own series and could even be had with a 6 cylinder, so there was a little bit of smoke and mirrors involved with the name. But the SS name still garnered respect. So much so, that Chevy included an SS in almost all of their car lines and even put it on a truck at one time.

1965 Impala SS
1968 SS 427
Eventually all good things must pass and the SS name plate was dropped in the early '70's. It reappeared on a Monte Carlo in the '80's and also was put on a pick up truck, the Silverado 454 SS. It finally made it back on a potent full size Impala in 1993.........

Basically a Caprice with the police package consisting of suspension, Corvette motor and bigger wheels/tires. This was a big bruiser, but for its time it was a quick and relatively agile performer. It developed a cult like following and still sells for respectable prices 30 years later.

But now back to the 2014 Chev SS........

What's up? I ask this because there is no plan to sell this car in Canada. Why exactly is that, what is the General thinking (or not thinking)? Sure, it wouldn't be a big seller. It would only come in one model, so how hard would it be for the dealers to stock one more car and one that would draw people into their showrooms? And isn't that the reason they exist? I firmly believe that Chevrolet is making a mistake, but hopefully they'll see the light quickly.

Sold in Canada or not, this new SS is worthy of the name of legend and who'd have thought it would come from the "outback"?

Until next time........

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