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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19: Big bucks for small cars

1958 F.M.R. Tg 500 Tiger
How "big" is small? Compared to a smart car or a Scion IQ, these small cars are really small, actually tiny would be a better description. So what is a tiny old car worth these days? Well over a $1/4 mil? Yeah, sure, not likely. Well, you would be surprised.

Recently, Ontario's very own, world renown, collector car auction house (and top notch restorer) RM sold off Bruce Weiner's micro car collection in Georgia. Sounded like a good opportunity to pick up an unusual old car for cheap. Stand out at the local cruise nights with your one of a kind ride. Think again, as these tiny cars went for crazy high coin. The Tiger above sold for $322,000! A record? I'd be willing to bet on it.

Not unusual enough for you?

Then how about this 1951 Reyonnah, which sold for $184,000. Of course, that's very expensive, but you'd definitely stand out and this Reyonnah has a rather unusual feature.

How often do you wish you could take your car inside for the night or even bring it into the family room to show some friends? Happens to me all the time. No problem with this neat feature.........

The body raises and the front wheels tuck into underneath allowing your now skinny little Reyonnah to join any gathering instead of being left out in the cold.

Wish all new cars had this feature?

These two went for real money, but you've got a little less to spend, then how about this neat and very cute, little '60 Biscuter 200-C woody wagon. A bargain at $19,550.
Load up the (small) family and head to the beach. One tiny sandwich for each person, a very small beach ball and let the fun begin. Unfortunately you had to leave the king-sized Coke at home. Speaking of Coke.......
1959 Goggomobil TL-400 Transporter pick-up
Of course, its name cannot be spelled out in chrome on the side of this little trucklet due to lack of space. Oh, by the way, it went for an eye popping $138,000.

But hey, you are not a family man or maybe are newly single again or are having a mid-life crisis, then here is your ride........

Yes sir, this is the 1955 Inter 175A Berline. An cool ride that would fit right in as you cruised the club district looking for your new love (and obviously no threesomes). This went for $161 k, so if you are sitting on your wallet, you may not fit into your Berline.

Too sporty for a practical person like you? Then I present the '64 Peel P50.......the smallest car ever made and it sold for a mere $120,750.

I try to be upbeat in my blog, but I'm sure you are now thoroughly depressed, when you realize that more than likely you couldn't have been a player at the RM auction. But who the heck would have thought that these super small, tiny, micro cars would have hit such astronomical numbers? The reason? Good question, but where else could you pick up a rather rare and very good condition pint sized car? Seems that everyone who thought like that ended up at this auction and so throw in a few bidding wars and this is what you get.......millimetres of fun for huge bucks!

Until next time........

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