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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 26: Palaces on wheels

Who wouldn't want to live in a home like this? Imagine having your friends over for a tasty beverage in this environment? Or how about something a little more contemporary.......

A spectacular room, just dripping in decor chosen especially by you. Those friends are going to be suitably impressed. What's that you say, your buddies are too busy to come by? Hey, no problem, look at this.......

........just drive your new home over to your friends' places. Yes sir, those glamorous interior pics are taken from the inside of a Marathon or a Prevost custom coach (or to be crass, an RV).

Tired of sitting around your home in the same old location, then order one of these gems and tour the countryside in your specifically designed palace on wheels. Made for those folks who want to leave home, but not actually leave their home (if you get my drift). These beauts can be had for as much or more than you'd pay for a stationary house. How much, you ask? The best ones pass the $2m mark  -  yes, I said $2,000,000+. But then again, if you had one of these palaces, your own home would probably be worth considerably more.

Camping with a linen table cloth  -  way to go folks.

So who buys these road going mansions? Very wealthy retirees who long for the open road, while not wanting to miss a single comfort of home. Also, race car drivers, who are always away on weekends. They have a "chauffeur" who brings their home on wheels to the track, so that when the driver jets in, he and his family can feel at home (assuming their home is by a race track).

Now I'm sure that you can see there is a problem here. You are touring around and want to stay for a few days in one place. Surely, you don't want to tool around in that monstrous coach. Solution(s)........

You just gotta love it........a huge coach pulling something a touch smaller for those jaunts around town  -  a Chevy Tahoe. Remember the days when you would see them towing a smaller car? Not good enough for you and the missus? Then how about this solution......

Did we leave anything behind? Parachutes, maybe?

So if looks like the best thing ever, pick up the phone or get on the internet and call Marathon or Prevost. Tell them you have $ to burn, baby and get designing. And don't forget to come by my home when it's finished. Thank you.

Until next time.......

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