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Friday, February 14, 2014

Feb 14: Wow!

Wow! What the heck is hiding behind that wild camo wrap? Front end looks like a BMW, but hey, that's just done to throw us off. Rumour has it that this could be the new Mercedes-Benz S class coupe. Used to be that they were called the CL, but in the near future they will be part of the uber luxurious S class line up. Mercedes has designed some pretty wild stuff over the past few years, wild at least for a generally conservative luxury brand, so what might be next?

Time for a little history lesson........

Mercedes has always had a big coupe in their line up, like this 300 S from the '50's. The European luxury brands were a little behind the North American designs at this time, as you can see from this pic. The design elements were late '30's and '40's  -  upright grille and separate fenders. Still an impressive looking machine. A classic design, that I'd be proud to own today (or at least have enough coin to be able to consider owning one).

Next up was this 220 S.......

Getting more contemporary with the molded in front and back fenders. Attractive in an understated way  -  very German, very Mercedes. And featuring very Mercedes conservatism for a very long time, probably until the early 2000's.

And next the 280 SE........

Absolutely gorgeous. Contemporary and very classy. Still looks great today, forty plus years later. This was followed up by a line of big coupes, that said Mercedes and big bucks, but in my mind weren't the most attractive vehicles to grace the autobahn. They said money and that's about it.

Eventually Benz must have tired of the militaristic look of their big cars (one writer said that an S class looked  like it was mad at the atmosphere), so in the early 2000's they started to get edgier (don't get too excited, this is after all Mercedes-Benz). But now, we have the new S class coupe about to come out from under that camo. So what can we expect to see?

Take a look folks........

Yes, sir, this wild child is the new S class coupe, just unveiled the other day. Happy Valentine's Day, I think I'm in love. What a hot looking set of wheels.

On looks alone, I'd stack this car against its competition any day. Competition? Bentley? Maybe the new Rolls Wraith? Not much else is available in a rather grand two door (as soon as I publish this blog, I'll think of several).

Congratulations, Mercedes. It's great to see that your designers are earning the big bucks that you pay them. Well done!

Until next time......

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