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Friday, February 7, 2014

Feb 7: Another SS

Regular readers of this blog know that I like the muscle cars of the '60's and early '70's. Well, who the heck doesn't, just check out the collector car auction results.Big bucks for the nicest examples. This red one is a classic -  1969 Chevelle SS396 with (I believe) American Racing rims. Show and go. Love to have one, but the $ involved would mean a divorce. The solution? Should be obvious to my regular readers, a 1/24th scale model. Bingo! Inexpensive and easy to maintain.

And since back in the day, big power meant high speeds, it seemed appropriate to pose our latest build with a police car (Maine State, to be exact). Probably pulled over for a not so gentle warning about the risks of high speed showing off.

Our model is similar to the picture, in that it is red and has the same rims, but since black is too black, we went with a red interior and a white top. A very '60's combo. And as you can see, our SS has the requisite 4 on the floor.

Now a quiz for the sharpest car guys and gals. This is a '69 Chevelle, but there is an error in our model (two if you want to get picky), that wasn't correct for a 1969. Our defense? This was not a very good kit and although we could have fixed the error, we choose to keep it the way it came. Less work and besides it looked "right".

"Our", "we"........so who else had a hand in this build? Again, regular readers will know the answer........

Yes, of course, it is the CMC, the Car Modelling Cat. Always ready to assist with each new model we build. Seen here checking over some research material as we get ready to add the final little details. What a great furball!

Until next time......

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