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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Feb 4: Paint me a picture

Just who reads this blog? One never really knows, but about a year ago I started my blog with a great painting of one of the old blower Bentleys. Didn't know who the artist was, as it was just a pic off the net. As a rule, whenever possible, I will give credit for a picture or a quote. It's the right thing to do. Anyway a couple of weeks back, the artist who painted that Bentley emailed me, nicely asking to recognize him as the artist (which I promptly did).So this lead me to check out who and where he was. Now I was in for a treat. The hand in this pic belongs to British artist, Ian Guy. Ian lives in the south of England and he calls himself the "Motoring Artist" (www.motoringartist.com).

Although born and bred in the UK, Ian's focus has been on American scenes and cars, typically from the '50's and '60's. Favorite movies? The California Kid, Two Lane Blacktop and Steven Spielberg's first effort, Duel (now there was a scary movie). So it isn't surprising to see that he has painted the final scene in The California Kid.........

California Kid
You can sense the action, hear the engines' roar and the tires' squealing, as they wrestle their machines down the mountain (rent the movie for the outcome).

Classic Americana, like this typical scene from the '50's......

Mel's Dinner
Every red blooded guy's dream scene  -  hot cars, hot girls and hot food. Nothing better.

Or how about this one, which we all have experienced and know that sinking feeling......

Rear View Nightmare
"Honestly officer, if I had known you were behind me, I'd have slowed to the speed limit." Licence and insurance, please.

Or this classic drag strip scene from the heyday of gassers.......

Henry and the Rat
Ian captures the look and the feel of the good(?) ol' days in the U.S.of A., as we'd like to think it was back then. But not just hot cars and racing, he also paints period pieces with a real feeling of nostalgia......

The Hold Up
Nostalgia for the old trains, the Airstream trailers and road trips with the family. Well maybe, there isn't as much nostalgia for that last one, but I have a few good memories. By the way, look closely at those clouds.

Ian travels around England in his Ford F-150, displaying his paintings at car shows. And how much more classic American can you get than that? I went to an Auto Jumble at Beaulieu, when visiting the island in 2005, so I might actually have come across Ian and not known it.

One last pic of one of my favorite cars from anytime........

Simply titled, Grand Sport, this shows that great Corvette race car from the '60's in a classic duel with its nemesis, the Shelby Cobra. This might even depict Bahamas' Speed Week (look it up).

Have a favorite subject? A favorite car? A favorite scene? Want all three in one painting? Whatever, you should contact Britain's Motoring Artist, as he does commissions. I get paid to do what I love and so does Ian. And you can see it in his passion, his paintings. Check out his website and keep reading my blog (you'll never know what the Car Modelling Cat will be up to next!).

And, Ian, thanks for getting in touch with me.

Until next time.......

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