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Friday, February 21, 2014

Feb 20: Auto Show, part 2

Here he is, your world famous blogger being interviewed by the press on the opening day of the car show. And you didn't think that I had credibility! You believe everything you read in print or see online? You probably shouldn't. I was simply being asked, what feature was most important to me in a new car? Safety, power, tech stuff or __?__. The answer was easy  -  looks.. And then they asked a few questions to get me to explain my thinking. Fun.

Anyway, back to the neat stuff that was rolled out for the auto show. Doesn't every company have to have an suv these days? You know that Maserati will be introducing one shortly and Bentley has been teasing us for the past year or so. Now Jaguar is in the teasing mode, but this C-X17 is a sure thing.......

Tagged a prototype, but what you see, will be what shows up in showrooms in the kind of near future. But what a lousy name. Oh well, as I've written before, numbers and letters, not names seem to be the norm these days.

Another Jag was the long expected F-Type coupe.......

Jaguar has always prided itself on their designs and this one with XKE genes is a stunner. Better looking than the very nice roadster? Sure is in my eyes.

This neat looking little ride from BMW is a whatever. Is it sort of a little suv, a little mini-van (oxymoron?) or a little hatchback? Its name? The BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor. Gee, that must have been an interesting committee meeting. I like it regardless of its dumb moniker.

Even Kia got into the act with this interesting looking coupe......

Kia's version of the Hyundai Veloster? This is the Provo. Sounds sort of militaristic to me, but I like the look and the colour combo sets it off. Production? Who knows, but it stands to reason, that Kia, as the sporting brand, will want a hot little coupe in their line up.

What auto show would be complete without a Hot Wheels something or other.......

This is the Transit Connect. Imagine this little utility vehicle pulling up to your home for a delivery or to service your TV? It would sure get your attention and make you forget the two days you waited for them to arrive.

Another February and another auto show. Always fun, but this year's was one of the best, due to the many new arrivals (and thanks to my friend Glen for today's pics). No question the good ol' days are now.

Until next time.......

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