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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aug 19: The Dream Cruise

Nothing says cruisin' like this classic 1959 Cadillac Eldorado coupe, low and slow, well maybe not so slow, as this old beast had a pretty big motor for its day. What got me thinking about the old car cruises, is that the most famous and biggest of them all, the Woodward Ave Dream Cruise was held last week in the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan. Each year, cars come from all over to cruise Woodward Ave for several days in the middle of August. 

So why Woodward Ave? Interesting story.........Woodward is a long stretch of road, that back in the heyday of the muscle car, all the hot cars cruised this strip looking to challenge a likely target for bragging rights. From time to time, even the manufacturers would sent a pre-production car out to Woodward to test its mettle. Heck, this road became so famous that it was featured in a Pontiac GTO ad........

Whether this ad ran in Michigan, California or New Brunswick, we all knew its meaning......this GTO was out looking for blood. Everyone knew about Woodward Avenue's reputation. Twenty years ago, someone got the bright idea that there should be a commemorative gathering of a few old cars to celebrate the glory days. Well, that idea grew and grew into what it is today, a happening, that draws over one million people to the Motor City for this week of car heaven and nostalgia

 When you read that anything car related will show up for the Dream Cruise, well you aren't far wrong, from this '57 Chevy limo to the Monkeemobile.........

All the new car and parts manufacturers set up displays and once in a while, an upcoming model joins the cruise to gauge the public's enthusiasm or lack of it. This street has even been written about, so having the Dream Cruise on its hallowed asphalt makes so much sense........

And of course, people being people in our capitalistic society, some folks try to generate a little extra spending money.......

Any wonder why you've never seen your blogger in Detroit in mid August?

The neat thing about these car cruises, is that anything goes in terms of cars. Sure they are based on nostalgia for old American iron, but if you show up in any interesting old or new car, you are welcome to join the party........

Talk about an inclusive event. So next time someone mentions Woodward Ave (you mean this doesn't happen to you?) or you hear about the Dream Cruise, you'll know a little bit more about it. 

Time to buy a neat old (or new car) and head for Michigan?

Until next time........

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