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Friday, August 22, 2014

Aug 22: Day dreaming

If you are a real car guy or gal, from time to time you'll day dream about a car in your past. One that you wish you'd kept or that you could find in the old car ads. I've had quite a few nice cars, but probably the one that warms my heart the most when I think of her, is my second new car. My first new ride, was a '71 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus (what a mouth full). I ordered it as soon as I graduated university, but within 18 months, my car desires were awakened by this new style for 1973..........

 I had loved the Pontiac Grand Prix from its beginning in 1962, but it got big and bloated, until 1969, when it broke new styling ground and became once again the executive hot rod, that it was in its early days. I lusted like crazy over the GP, but heck, you couldn't even buy one in Canada until 1971 and on top of that, it was way too expensive for a newly graduated Barry.

Ok, so I thought Id settle for second best, another newly restyled for 1973 car, the less expensive Chevy Monte Carlo. After all it was basically a Grand Prix body, but with Chevy styling. I had the colour all picked out and was ready to order mine,when fate stepped in. My cousin worked for GMAC and he said he knew a dealer who'd give me a killer deal on my dream ride, the GP.

A couple of phone calls later and my order was placed thru a small town dealer, about 200 miles from my home in Saint John. Heck, this little dealer hardly had a showroom and when I picked up my car a couple of months later, it was in a barn.

These cars arrived in Saint John by rail and then were trucked around the province. Being me, I'd drop by the rail yard every day or so to see if it had arrived. Back then the cars were stacked on three levels, but there was no covering, as the car carriers have now. One day I saw what looked to be what I had ordered, way up on the top level. I've mentioned before, how there were not that many fancy cars where I lived, so this GP stood out.

Dark blue with a black vinyl roof and white interior (hey, cut me some slack, this was the 1970's). In my suit, I climbed up to check out the order sheet on the window and there it was..........ordered by Toner Motors in Grand Falls. It was my car. It's a wonder that I didn't fall off the car carrier with excitement.

That was a sweet ride. I wish I had a pic of it, but this is kind of close to what it looked like.......

........with those great looking Pontiac mag wheels. I remember getting gas and a fellow asked if it was a Cadillac, as it looked sort of similar to an Eldorado (squint hard, ok). I also remember going to a movie the night I got it. My "date" was my best friend's fiance' (he was away and he approved - we are still friends). To get to the parking lot, we had to drive thru the line up for the cinema. The crowd parted and the looks I got were worth what I had paid for my Grand Prix. What a night.

Those looks continued, as there were only two of these cars in the city. Things change.......within a couple of months of delivery, I was transferred to Toronto, where there were GP's everywhere. But mine still stood out. The reason? It was the only one I ever saw without air conditioning. So all the other luxury GP's cruised coolly thru Summer, while I sweated like a pig. Oh well, I still looked good on cold days.

So what do you day dream about?

Until next time.......


  1. That body style of Grand Prix was my favorite, with the '77 being my favorite. I still lust after a '77 LJ model. I don't know what happened after that but I'm sure it had something to do with GM's designers drinking their own bath water. I've heard about 60's Grand Prix and Bonneville models not being available in Canada but the dealer in Lethbridge, AB routinely stocked both (no special orders).

    1. George, thanks for your comments. Interesting about your local dealer. We had one US Pontiac in Saint John......a powder blue '61 Bonneville convertible. Yeah, after '77, those little GP's sure did lose it - no presence at all. Maybe a '77 will come your way one day.