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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Aug 26: A local cruise

After reading about the Woodward Dream Cruise, I had to get my yearly cruise fix. I had planned to go to June's Fleetwood Cruise in London Ontario, but family plans put a stop to that. Also couldn't make the Autofest in Oshawa, but thank goodness, there was one in the city and as a bonus it was not too far from my home (what's 15 minutes on a beautiful Summer Saturday AM?). The thing about a good cruise is that it is all encompassing, old, new, exotic and unusual. They all play a part. Sure there are the classics, like this beautiful early '60's Lincoln above, but it is counter balanced by a rod like this '30's Ford......

.......satin finish, tough and simply done. Check out those wheels, home grown but very effective. And from there to the fast 'n furious crowd pleasers........


.......nothing like a '70's Challenger tastefully, but radically done up. Down side? Owner wouldn't start it up for me. Bummer. And of course, once of my favorite rides of all time.......

........a 1968 Dodge Charger, very much like what my older brother bought new, with a 383 4 barrel and a Hurst shifter. His was dark green with the Magnum 500 wheels. This R/T was nicely done, with only the addition of a good looking set of period correct mag wheels.


.........a very neat looking, traditional hot rod next to a contemporary Ferrari. Which one would you chose?

And to the unusual........

........vintage, bright yellow Toronto police cars from the '50's and from the '80's, along with a 1966 Pontiac ambulance. Unusual, since most ambulances were Cadillacs back in the day.

And of course, a make believe classic from the 1980's. GM or Ford reliability (please don't laugh) with what is called a neo-classic body. Would you drive this or the '57 Chevy next door?

And a rare 1959 Ford Ranchero, the last full size version of this car, before Ford made this style part of the small Falcon line up for 1960. Again, a very tastefully done mild custom.........

And to end this blog, the reason many of us go to these cruise shows, which is to see the cars we lusted after back in the day. Sometimes we slap ourselves and question what we ever saw in a particular car and other times, we stand quietly and let the memories flow. Possibly share a few stories with the owner, if they are nearby. For me, I don't care whether they are old, new or whatever, this car guy, just likes and (usually) appreciates all the cars at a cruise. 

Which ones turn your crank?

Until next time.......

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