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Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Musings

Chevrolet introduces new Malibu at Shanghai Auto Show! Can you imagine reading that headline 30 years ago or 20 or even 10? Shows the strength and importance of this market for all the car manufacturers. But Chevrolet  -  Mum, Dad, apple pie and the American flag Chevrolet  -  who would have figured? To be fair, it is simultaneously being unveiled at the New York show. Check out the photos at autoweek.com  -  great looking car.
Have you seen any new Fiats on the road? Saw my first the other day, cute, but I have my reservations about its longterm prospects. Fiat's a niche car like the Mini, but look how they've expanded that line up  -  even to include a mini Mini suv  -  who would have thought? Saw lots of new Fiats in Italy last year along with the original. The Italians sure do have a soft spot for their Cinquecento.
NASCAR at Talladega this Sunday  -  always liked this race, keeps me on the edge of my seat. Now even more interesting with the two by two racing. Weather looks threatening.
F1 in China  -  hopefully Red Bull won't win again. The last two races were predictable, so I stopped watching and went to the gym after the 1st half hour  -  let's hope for a little rain!.
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  1. I saw the new Fiat 500 drive by a couple days ago. It looks terrible in red, but looks fine in white.