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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday - Colourful News

Before we get into the coloured bits, take a look at this new Scion FR-S concept (?).....

Isn't that a great looking car? Well I like it  -   it has real attitude. One of my co-workers thinks it's too "in your face", but what does he know, he drives a beige Corolla! This is a concept now, but opinion is that it will be a real Scion sometime in 2012. Toyota, who is behind Scion, really needs to have some "character" cars in their line up. These companies have gotten too darn cautious with their designs.

Speaking of colour.......a study has just been released showing that the top colours world wide are white, black, silver and grey. Does this come as a surprise to anyone with eyes? Some interesting bits.....

- white is popular in San Francisco
- black in Boston
- green in Philly, Pittsburgh and DC
- orange and gold in Miami
- blue in the Czech Republic, but white most everywhere else in Europe
- cream in Italy and France

Upcoming.........next Monday I'll include a very interesting photo, that I bet you've never seen before.

By the way, the car modelling cat and I have started building a North Carolina State Police 2010 Dodge Charger.

Until next time.......

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