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My passion is also my business, as I am with the Toronto based Hav-A-Kar Auto Group. I sell or lease any make of car, van or truck available in Canada. My interest in all things "car" has helped me with my many clients in Ontario over the past 20+ years. Please give me the opportunity to assist you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Model Life

I'm in the car business working with cars4U.com, selling or leasing every make of car, van or truck availalble in Canada. I really like my "job" as it is really an extension of my life long passion and hobby. Just walk into my office and see scale models of historic drag cars, 50's and 60's America iron, a few police cars and a complete funeral (Coupe de Fleur, hearse and limo). Now this is just a start, as at home I have 1 1/2 rooms filled with car models that I have been making since I was a kid. Also have an interesting library of car books covering a wide variety of topics. My favorite books cover police cars, professional cars or early drag racing. The models I prefer to make are US cars from the 50's and 60's, as well as old muscle cars. I could never afford to have one of these cars in real life, but I can own every single one in miniature. Currently the car modeling cat and I are finishing up the '57 300C and are starting work on a 2011 Challenger RT. Also just bought a couple of 2011 Dodge Charger police cars which will end up being state police vehicles from Florida and North Carolina.
So you can see, that I am really into cars  -  pretty lucky being paid for what I love to do anyway!

Can you believe this.........7 (SEVEN) Saabs have been sold in Canada since January 1st! Want to guess on their resale?

Until next time........

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