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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday - New York Show

Great timing! Just as our volatile gas prices start heading up, Chrysler has unveiled their new hot rod, the SRT8 version of the new 300C. It's tougher looking than the last one  -  check out those wheels  - and even more powerful  - 465 horsepower. Nice for a Sunday drive (to your nearest drag strip?).

Jeep also unveiled their hot rodded Grand Cherokee with a similar power plant.

New unveilings at the New York Show also included the Chev Malibu, Subaru Impreza (see below) and several other tasty treats for the power hungry and the thrifty. Check out http://www.autoweek.com/ and the New York Show for a complete listing. Used to be that Detroit Show was the big gun (actually still is), but the auto manufacturers always save something important for the Big Apple. 

I like Subarus  -  they are never too exciting (ok, let's not count the STi), but are attractive, good solid cars which give excellent vaue to their owners.

Long weekend with not a lot planned  -  one golf game hopefully and some quality time with the car modelling cat finishing off the '57 300C. For those wondering how I waste my spare time, I'll post pics next week.

Happy Easter........until next time.......

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