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Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday notes - New Beetle

How do you update a retro design? I read this comment today and it brought back something I said about the late PT Cruiser. Thought that when it was updated from its 40's look, it should have morphed into a 50's design complete with big fins and wild colours. Imagine my disappointment when the PT was cancelled. Same with the Chevy HHR  -  neat design, but what to do for an encore? Nothing, as it's cancelled too after 2011. Well, now VW has stepped up to the challenge and done a new New Beetle (see below).  The look is distinctive and won't be mistaken for anything else, but with its chopped roof it has been updated nicely. No longer just a chick mobile? Any thoughts?

Great racing this past weekend.........

The F1 race in Shanghai was a barnburner. After about 30 minutes it looked like the same old, same old, so off I went to the gym. Dam! Two of my favorites, Hamilton and Webber were faring badly, one in 4th, one in 16th. Turned out to be a great race  -  when I checked the results later, Hamilton had won and Webber was 3rd  -  one of the best races in years! So I'm in better shape, but missed out on a rare and very exciting F1 race. Dam again!

Now how about NASCAR at Talladega? Four wide at the finish line and the 2nd closest NASCAR race in history.  I like the new "couples racing" (an acquired taste, I'm sure). To see the two cars (Johnson & Earnhardt) get to the front with only feet to go was fantastic. Not a Jimmie fan, but anyone should applaud a race finish like this one.

Until next time......

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  1. It still says Beetle, that's for sure. It's different, but you're right. The design had to change and they did it, instead of just canning it. Can't wait to see one on the road!