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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Ramblings

Got lots of $ to spare? Well there is another Barrett-Jackson auction at Palm Beach, Fla  -  never watched it? Then tune into Speed Channel tonight and Saturday for their extensive coverage. Fun to watch these folks spend 10's of thousands on their hobby  -  this is what drives me to buy lottery tickets (actually not). If you can sit through yet another Mustang or Corvette, there are some real gems that show up. Want the real thing, not a TV substitute? Check out the International Centre this weekend for the Toronto Spring Collector Car Auction. Bring $ or sit on your hands to stop yourself from inadvertently bidding.

Ever been to a drag race (no, not the ones on Yonge St.)? A business associate mentioned drag racing the other day, but thought because I followed F1 and NASCAR, that I'd have no interest  -  not the case. Once you've seen, heard, felt and smelt the nitromethane of two cars with 8000 horsepower EACH, there is nothing else quite like it. Sure, sometimes there are long pauses between the action, but boy when they crank them up, watch out! Many years ago, just out of university, I drag raced my street car and still have the trophy from my only win  -  $5 or the trophy! I took the trophy, since $5 would look funny sitting on my shelf.

Delivered a light metallic blue/stone interior Infiniti G37 6 speed convertible the other day. Stunning car  -  fast, great looking and best of all a manual. I sell all makes and models in my job, but I really like the G series Infiniti  -  great value.

F1 this weekend from Malaysia  -  doesn't it usually rain there? Always makes for an exciting and unpredictable race  -  probably means I'll watch the entire race before I head to the gym.

By the way, the model building cat asks to be remembered to all of you.

Until next time...... 

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